Digital issues of z/Journal and Mainframe Executive ?
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#1: Digital issues of z/Journal and Mainframe Executive ? Author: stefanLocation: Germany PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2012 8:40 am
Hello out there,

could someone provide me with digital issues of z/Journal and Mainframe Executive. Both magazines are published by Bob Thomas and available via subscription to
I have collected these freely published magazines but lost my archives by mistake. Crying or Very sad

I've found some issues on the web but would like to complete my new archive. What I've found so far:

zJournal 2008_04 August-September
zJournal 2010_02 April-May
zJournal 2010_06 December-January
zJournal 2011_01 February-March
zJournal 2011_02 April-May
zJournal 2011_04 August-September

Mainframe Executive 2008_02 March-April
Mainframe Executive 2010_04 July-August
Mainframe Executive 2011_01 January-February
Mainframe Executive 2011_02 March-April
Mainframe Executive 2011_06 November-December

I would appreciate it very much if somebody has some more PDFs or could provide a link to a download page. -> Tools and Downloads

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