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#1: Suggestion for FAQ's Author: kolusuLocation: San Jose PostPosted: Tue Mar 30, 2004 1:34 pm
As we all know that a large number of questions asked here would have been never been posted if the poster had searched the board before posting a question. So I came up with a list of most frequently asked questions in each category. Please add any topics which you think will fit in this category.

This is what I have in mind. For a newly registered member we will direct him to the page with the FAQ's for the first 10 posts ( new posts only, feedback posts does not count). If he does not find what he is looking for in the FAQ page, then he will be allowed to post. I guess 10 posts is a good number for the person to understand and follow the rules of the forum.

Please feel free to share your ideas.

My list of FAQ's

Application Programming

  • Difference between dynamic and static calls
  • File comparision logic
  • Soc4 and Soc7 abends
  • Complile JCL for cobol-db2, cobol-cics-db2
  • Performance improvement of COBOL pgms
  • Difference between an Index and a subscript
  • Find the exact length of a field.
  • Lower case to upper-case and vice-versa
  • How to read a sequential file backwards?
  • Submitting JCL from a CObol PGM
  • Convert julian to gregorian date and vice-versa
  • compile options
  • AMODE RMODE options
  • Read a PDS in COBOL


  • Unload JCL
  • Load JCl
  • Difference between dynamic and static sql
  • stored procedures
  • Find top 3 salaried employees
  • Null values.
  • Manauls for IKJEFT01
  • Fetch first 'n' rows without a cursor
  • what is -818 ,-805, -927


  • Empty file checking
  • Recover a deleted sequential file
  • Copy all members of a PDS to a sequential file
  • what is INTRDR?
  • How to copy sysout to a sequential dataset.
  • To insert a newline in all members of a PDS
  • To replace a common value in all members of a PDS.
  • What is a GDG
  • Record formats.
  • Convert a vb to a fb dataset and vice-versa
  • How to calculate space for a sequential file
  • How to send email?


  • Eliminate duplicates.
  • Get matching records from 2 files
  • Empty file check
  • Convert low-values to spaces and vice-versa
  • Get unique records from a file.
  • Add current date and time into a flat file.
  • Header and trailer records processing.
  • Combine two files into a single file
  • Delete member of PDS
  • Get a list of gdg name with their limits.
  • Summing records with an imbedded decimal point.


  • Return codes/Error codes
  • Insert/delete/update a rec into an existing vsam cluster.
  • Difference between KSDS/ESDS/RRDS/LDS


  • What is TSQ and TDQ
  • Limits of commarea
  • Submitting JCL from CICS PGM
  • Error codes


#2:  Author: superk PostPosted: Tue Mar 30, 2004 2:24 pm

How to DELETE PDS member.
How to RENAME PDS member.
How to use SET and/or INCLUDE statements to create JCL variables.

How to concatenate user library to SYSPROC.
REXX: Common routines for conversion:
decimal to packed
packed to decimal
gregorian to julian
julian to gregorian
ASCII to EBCDIC -> About Mvsforums

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