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#1: Smart DFSORT Tricks Author: kolusuLocation: San Jose PostPosted: Tue Nov 29, 2005 1:10 pm
Smart DFSORT Tricks


 o Find and extract values from different positions
 o Extract and justify delimited fields
 o Squeeze out blanks or other characters
 o Add leading and trailing apostrophes
 o Deconstruct and reconstruct CSV records
 o Only include records with today's date
 o Include records using relative dates
 o Fields from different record types
 o Create files with matching and non-matching records
 o Split a file to n output files dynamically
 o Five ways to split a data set
 o Sum a number with a decimal point
 o Check for a numeric string
 o Change a C sign to an F sign in PD values
 o Display the number of input or output records
 o Display SMF, TOD and ETOD date and time in readable form
 o Include or omit groups of records
 o Sort groups of records
 o Set RC=12 or RC=4 if file is empty, has more than n records, etc
 o Delete all members of a PDS
 o Keep dropped duplicate records (XSUM)
 o Create DFSORT Symbols from COBOL COPYs
 o Join fields from two files on a key
 o Join fields from two files record-by-record
 o VB to FB conversion
 o FB to VB conversion
 o Sort records between a header and trailer
 o Keep the last n records
 o Sample records
 o Change all zeros in your records to spaces
 o Insert date and time of run into records
 o Change uppercase to lowercase or lowercase to uppercase
 o RACF "SPECIAL" report with and without DFSORT symbols
 o Multiple output records from some (but not all) input records
 o Replace leading spaces with zeros
 o Generate JCL to submit to the internal reader
 o Totals by key and grand totals
 o Omit data set names with Axxx. as the high level qualifier
 o Dataset counts and space by high level qualifier
 o Delete duplicate SMF records
 o Sort ddmonyy dates
 o Turn cache on for all volumes
 o C/C++ calls to DFSORT and ICETOOL
 o REXX calls to DFSORT and ICETOOL
 o Pull records from a Master file
 o Concurrent VSAM/non-VSAM load

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#2:  Author: PhantomLocation: The Blue Planet PostPosted: Wed May 30, 2007 8:58 am
If you want to a Cartesian join of 2 datasets, then DFSORT SPLICE can come in handy.

Cartesian Join match using DFSORT Splice

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