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This page has been designed to provide our members with downloadable shareware programs and test utilities they can use to measure their internet speeds, tweak their network connection and much more. We will update this page with new utilities, games and shareware tools once they are developed or discovered. If you have any suggestions regarding tools you would like added here please contact us at kolusu@mvsforums.com.

Online Utilities

Bandwidth Speed Test
This test will provide you your bandwidth line performance results.
What is my Local IP Address?
This test will provide you with your current Local IP address.

Calculator 1.0
Where ever you are on the web you can access our calculator to perform any computations you need. This advanced calculator includes a memory and help feature to allow for easy navigation and use.
What is my IP Address if I am behind a firewall?
This test will provide you with your current and Local IP addresses.

Color Selector
View text colors live on your browser screen with this tool.
HTML Dictionary
An introduction to HTML for beginners.

Online Games

Hangman game - Play against the computer and guess the word.
Play this old classic game and try to beat the computer.

Help Jr K fight his way through 15 areas and destroy the nightmarish threat.
This game is based on Mahjong clicks! The idea is to clear the stacks of tiles by clicking on tiles that have another of the same color adjacent to them, vertically or horizontally. Easy to pick up, but very hard to master!

Mainframe Related

XmitManager V3.0
Xmit Manager is a Windows based tool that allows for the manipulation of IBM Mainframe created Xmit format files.
3380 Blocksize Calculator V1.0
Use this tool to calculate efficient blocksizes for an IBM 3380 DASD unit.

Ftp2Jes V1.1
Ftp2Jes is a windows based application that provides a GUI around the FTP protocol that supports simple access to JES2 on IBM OS390 and zOS based operating systems.
VSAM Space Calculator V1.1.0
This tool will help you calculate the amount of space required for a VSAM file.

Other Utilities

File Splitter V1.21
Use this tool to copy and move large files onto floppy disks.
EPing V1.0
Enhanced Ping is a Windows based application that allows you to ping multiple hosts simultaneously and compare the results in a tabular format or on a graph.

This program provides a tweak for Windows networking.




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