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MVSFORUMS was developed in November 2002 when 2 like minded programmers/analysts with a combined industry experience of over 15 years decided to share their knowledge and skills with the entire MVS community.
Since then this site has evolved into a community for the MVS Programmer. MVSFORUMS is a one stop resource for all your mainframe needs.This site provides an extensive database of participatory and factual information related to the MVS Mainframe environment. With new members joining everyday and sharing their skills and knowledge this forum has become a place where participants can save time and frustration by asking a question or searching our extensive database and getting an answer. Many of our participants have found MVSFORUMS services indispensable because it reduces paperwork, lower costs, saves time and enhances communications among participants

This site also provides online training tools to prepare for an interview in the mainframe arena by giving you the most common and frequently asked interview questions. If you would like to view these questions please view our technical FAQ's page.

Our Vision: is to be the premier leader of the MVS community in providing fast and reliable answers to all our participants inquiries.

The directors/founders of MVSFORUMS would like to thank all our moderators and participants who provide answers and questions in our forums and make this site an enjoyable place to visit.

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